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   DermaSound Elite 

   * Visibly reduces line and wrinkles
   * Evens skin tone and smooths texture
   * Minimizes pore appearance
   * Improves skin hydration and nutrition
   * Perfect for sensitive and fragile skin

Ultrasonic Acne Treatment       45 minutes        $70  (package pricing available)
Free yourself from those breakouts fast without drugs or pain! See noticeable results with each treatment!  Acne is not just a teen-age problem. It can strike at any age on the face or on the back causing a lifetime of scarring. There are many reasons for acne outbreaks, including the most common: genetic and hormonal factors. DermaSound Elite acne treatments are fast, safe and effective for both teens and adults and achieve outstanding results. This treatment uses serums to calm the acne, prevent the spread of bacteria and stop breakouts in their tracks.

DermaSound Before & After Images

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The DermaSound Elite helps repair and rebalance mitochondria, the energy source of all cells, by assisting in the transport of nutrients, eliminating waste from the cells and increasing energy of the cells for younger acting skin.

This technology helps to nourish skin at the cellular level, resulting in tighter, firmer, and younger acting skin.

* Acne patients saw a visible improvement of 98%
* Rosacea patients experienced a 90% improvement
* Pigmentation patients noticed a 100% improvement
* Psoriasis suffers reported 100% improvement

Dermasound Elite  
Treat yourself to Tighter, Firmer and Younger acting Skin     

Ultrasonic Rosacea Treatments   45 minutes      $70   (package pricing available)
The DermaSound Elite ultrasonic treatments have for many years improved the appearance of rosacea. A highly innovative approach to combating rosacea, the Ultrasonic treatment helps to reduce inflammation to promote clear skin without irritation. Serums designed to reduce redness and calm the skin, along with hydrating creams are applied. The microcurrent promotes product penetration. This treatment leaves the skin hydrated and calm.

DermaSound Elite

DermaSound Elite Machine

Ultrasonic Age Management        45 minutes      $70  (package pricing available)            
Indulge all your skin senses with a cascade of gentle, soothing microscopic ultrasonic bubbles designed to gently remove the dead surface skin cells and deeply clean out follicles without irritation and inflammation. Restores the skin's nutrients with serums and anti-aging products incorporated with microcurrent to transport the nutrients to the cells.

This therapy promotes healing and restores the cell’s normal functioning.  Microcurrent therapy also stimulates the production of collagen, one of the most important support structures of the skin. This treatment leaves you with healthy glowing skin.

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DermaSound Elite is a safe, state-of-the-art ultrasonic treatment system that utilizes distilled water
with low frequency sound waves for superior skin care results. The DemaSound Elite is a non-invasive device that improves all skin conditions.
Medical studies report significant improvement in the skin
after just one DermaSound treatment.    

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When applying products to heal and hydrate, the DermaSound Elite creates pathways in the skin that allow ingredients to penetrate 4,000 times deeper than a manual application.