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Face Reality Acne Skin Care System  

●  State-of-the-art products containing the highest concentration of active ingredients you can find without a prescription
●  Products are adjusted as needed so your skin does not over adapt to the home care regimen, pushing it to clear.
●  Customizable treatments are available to clear skin faster.

A thorough skin analysis is done to determine skin type and grade of acne, a treatment plan is then discussed. A skin test is performed to determine the strength of acne product to be used. Client is scheduled for a two week follow-up appointment for adjustments in product regimen.

Skin Analysis       $50

Includes a thorough skin analysis, a skin sensitivity test, contract agreement, product recommendation and information packet .

Chemical Peels       $65

The Face Reality family of acne peels contain a combination of exfoliating and brightening acids which are ideal for acne prone, hyper pigmented, and aging skin. They are formulated to provide a corrective treatment without excessive irritation or dehydration.

Combination Acne
Most clients have both inflamed acne and noninflamed acne. It's important to know which type to treat first. Each acne type is treated differently from the other so knowing how to proceed is the key to success.

Acne Hydrating Treatment with Enzymes       $65

This is an enzyme based treatment for clients with skin that is dry and dehydrated, pregnant or nursing, or allergic or sensitive to any ingredients in the Face Reality Peels. This non-acid natural peeling mask is suitable for all skin types and produces immediate results by removing dead cells and keratin accumulations. It softens and loosens blackheads and sebaceous cysts.

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Peels or Enzyme treatments are suggested to promote faster clearing.

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A skin care professional who becomes Face Reality Certified is someone who has studied Laura's modality and passed a test to indicate their proficiency. Only when they become certified will Face Reality allow someone to sell and professionally use their acne products. Face Reality has honed its methods and products through helping to clear thousands of acne sufferers of all ages and ethnicities.

Inflamed Acne
Inflamed and cystic acne is the easiest type of acne to treat, as it responds quickly to the right antibacterial routine. This client got clear in about three months. She still had some redness left over from the acne which eventually faded, but her acne was gone.

Katie W.
"I've struggled with adult acne for a few years now. After trying many different cleansing products and prescriptions from my doctor, Amy introduced me to the Face Reality skincare line. My face hasn't been this clear in a long time! I am so happy with the service Amy has provided. She has followed up after my treatment to make sure I'm not having any issues and has answered all my questions. Thanks Amy!"

Call for your consultation:  (262) 470-0302

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Face Reality Acne Clinic was launched in 2005 by Laura Cooksey, an esthetician in Northern California who has specialized in treating acne since 1990. She has earned a nationwide reputation for her remarkable results in treating acne; and has been sought after by skin care specialists to teach her methods and share her knowledge.

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Face Reality Skin Care System

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Non-inflamed Acne
Non-inflamed acne is tougher to treat. We are as aggressive as possible with this type of acne as the skin adapts readily to products.
Strong exfoliants and keratolytic products used properly will get it under control. The client will have to be extremely diligent with their home care routine.

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