Raspberry Peach Enzyme: 

White Peach Nourishing Mask:  

Raspberries, White Peach and a Winter Complex come together to gently exfoliate and nourish/hydrate your skin through the use of (1) the DermaPep peptide with retinoic effects to stimulate collagen and reduce photo-damage, (2) the ayurvedic plant Indian Senna to hydrate dry skin, and (3) the Mirabilis Jalapa Flower to sooth sensitive skin. Raspberries are known to be anti-inflammatory to make this a gentle, softening and exfoliating facial. This facial is safe for pregnancy.

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*Also available this month combine the Stem Cell Mask with Dermaplaning for $105 ($20 savings) or Collagen Infusion Treatment with Dermaplaning for $90 ($20 savings)

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The Raspberry White Peach Facial   75 min for $60  

This Service starts with cleansing and light exfoliation followed by the treatment of the irregularities using the Skin Classic. We treat as many irregularities as possible within an hour. A 30 minute complimentary follow up appointment is offered to assess healing and to retreat areas if needed.



The Skin Classic Face and D├ęcolletage  60 min for $250.00 

The Raspberry Peach Enzyme is packed with antioxidants for an anti-aging facial for all skin types. It contains only fruit enzymes, with no acids added, and it can be used on anyone, including pregnant women and sensitive skin. The raspberry soothes skin irritations and provides anti-inflammatory-like benefits. Peach softens the skin and is aromatically relaxing, and hibiscus flower and pumpkin add the exfoliating properties to this enzyme.

The Skin Classic is a high frequency device utilizing direct high frequency to enable quick, precise treatments of minor skin irregularities. It is an affordable non -laser treatment, which can treat Telangiectasia (broken capillaries), Cherry Angiomas, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Hyperpigmentation, Milia, Keratosis, Fibromas and more. 

The Skin Classic offers minimal discomfort and a short healing time.

*Skin Classic Spot Treatment is offered for fewer than 5 irregularities and is charged $25 per irregularity.

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Our Featured Facial for March!

Introducing an Exciting New Treatment at Facial Awareness! - The Skin Classic!  

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This mask contains a Winter Complex to address dryness, irritation and photo-aging repair .

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